Berkshire Pigs

We are very proud of the herd of Berkshire pigs we have built. We strive for high quality pigs, so we only keep the best genetics and only house a few sows and boars. Keeping our breeding herd small helps us to focus on a high quality product. The Berkshire is known as a heritage breed. This means that they do grow much slower than commercial raised breeds.  Berkshires are known for their high quality lean meat, with a gourmet taste. 

All of our pigs are pasture raised, they are fed a diet free of commercial feeds. Our pigs are fed fruits, vegetables, and a little dairy. This enables us to produce a leaner meat with much less waste.

     Our pigs are raised as nature intended. In a social setting on pastures as naturally as we can. We strive to keep our pigs healthy physically and mentally. They are raised on pastures where they can root in the ground, dig a hole to create a mud wallow for relief from summer temperatures. They can be inside or out. Its always their choice. Our sows all gestate and farrow naturally. We do not use gestational or farrowing crates to raise piglets. Pigs need to socialize, and be mentally and physically stimulated to be happiest. We go to great lengths to see they are happy.  All of our guys and gals are incredibly friendly and often seem more like giant dogs than the pigs they are. Belly rubs are always a favorite, as is feeding treats and daily conversations. Willie D our boar and Dolly the oldest sow are among those that are extremely vocal and love a good chat. Check out some of our videos with our piggy pals....


Meet our Herd

Willie D and all of the other guys and gals who call this home