All natural chicken liver dog treats 3 oz

Valley Brook Farm's All Natural Chicken Liver Jerky Treats. These treats are made from out very own pasture poultry. There are no additives. These treats are dehydrated then baked for optimal safety and freshness. These crunchy jerky treats are a favorite with our farm dog! Heres some pawsitive benefits  to liver treats:

* Concentrated source of Vitamin A which is a powerful antioxidant
*High in Iron & Protein
* Great source of Vitamin B-12
*All natural no flavorings or preservatives
*Made in the U.S.A, from a  small farm in VT
*Liver is not full of toxins as is commonly believed. The liver acts as a neutralizer, and contains no more toxins than any other organ or meat.
* Great for training aids, or treats.
*Feed in small amounts to prevent vitamin A overdose. 

As with all treats feed in moderation and with supervision. These treats can be easily broken into smaller  treats. Packages do vary. Pieces range from 1"-6" long. Ships within the U.S. 1 day handling time.