The Store of Forrest and Binky 

How these unlikely Best Friends found each other...


Unlikely Best Friends

Forrest is a very special little goat. I found this little guy at a friends farm. I had gone to purchase milk and noticed this little goat out in the pasture. He was by himself walking in circles crying. Goats are very much herd animals so the fact that he was by himself caught my interest. Even from a distance he looked... not quite right.      I asked what his story was and found out that he had indeed been born not quite right. He had for some unknown reason been born with neurological damage. He turned in circles, and has vision impairment. I asked what they were going to do with him. They said well, we don’t have the heart to send him to market, so we have just let him hang out here.     Goats like many other animals will not allow the weak to be part of the herd and will reject those that are weak and different. Something about this little guy just took my heart. It was decided this little guy no one wanted to be friends with, would come home with me. He was probably a week or so old. He happily rode home on my lap. The whole way I was trying to figure out how to break the news that Inhad dragged home yet another “freeloader” who needed a home.     Once home I showed husband the little guy. I told him he needs us. To which my husband replied,”HIM!! What in the world do we need with an intact male goat!”     “Just look at that face isn’t he adorable? This guy is special, we can call him Forrest.” I said as a joke.      It was then that my husband REALLY looked at him. He realized that this was not a normal goat kid. With a sigh and an eye rolls he said, “Welcome him Forrest.”      Since Forrest was special and different the other goats here wanted nothing to do with him. Unless beating him up at every opportunity counted. Forrest stayed in the house with us. And during the day he stayed on the front porch and went out in the dog yard. We bottle fed him, he slept in bed with me and followed us like the dogs.      Years ago we had had cattle for milk production but had not found a good replacement that would fit into a small farmsituation. You can ask the family. I am the source of all the “great” ideas here. Weeks earlier I had asked a nearby Jersey farm to give me a shout if they had a nice heifer calf they were sending to market.      As luck would have it I received a call one Saturday morning letting me know one had just been born. Getting home from work and telling husband on our way North we needed to stop in to visit them for something. While suspicious of my motives he agreed. When we got there we went to the barn and there was a little Jersey still wet and o my hours old. My husband loves his pigs, but he’s also a great cow man and even he couldn’t resist this doe eyed baby.       Next question what were we going to do with her when we got her home? She was way too tiny to go out into the main herd. Answer we would let her live with Forrest of course!!!!!     At first Forrest was terrified of this new arrival. Who later became known as Binky. But with time they became best friends. Over time we noticed that Binky would stick very close to Forrest. He followed her everywhere she went. We finally realized she was his eyes. She kept him out of trouble and watched out for him.      As they grew older Binky and Forrest were slowly introduced into a group of lambs. Binky then became not only his eyes but his body guard. She kept the lambs from pushing Forrest around and picking on him. Everyone soon learned that if you picked on Forrest you picked on Binky and she was very enthusiastic about her body guard duties.